woensdag 23 april 2008

A sea of bluebells

Last Saturday, we went for a walk at the Hallerbos (near Brussels). This time of year, it's abolutely beautiful out there, because almost everywhere you see, there are bluebells. It's a real sea of bluebells. I hope you get the idea from this photo, because you really have to see it with your own eyes.

And here are my five things to be thankful for today:
1. I had a very good conversation with my therapist this morning
2. I made crayon cakes with my kids this afternoon, no photo yet, because they are still cooling down
3. I weighed myself this morning, finding out that I have almost reached my ideal weight
4. we left the car at home, taking a bike ride to the municipality house for new identity cards and we were home just in time so we could take shelter for a typical april shower
5. our neighbour lady brought us pancakes this afternoon

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