woensdag 9 juli 2008

A trip to Ankara

I know it's been way to long that I wrote anything on this blog, but in the next weeks I will try to catch up, going through all my photographs...

A few weeks ago, I went with my husband to Ankara. He was invited to give a speech at the Bilkent University over there and we decided that I would go with him. It was the first time I had ever been away without my kids. I felt a little bit guilty in the beginning, but after a while, it went better and I could really enjoy our time together without the kids. We stayed in a guest house on the campus and visited the city itself, had a real Turkish brunch and then the four days were over. Here are some pictures I took in Ankara, the first two are from the Bilkent University:

We also visited the mausoleum of Atatürk:

And the old castle area:

Only negative thing about the whole trip, is that I have been 'enjoying' it for some weeks now, I've caught up tourista over there... and I can assure, that's not funny...

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het lieveheersbeestje zei

dat ziet er super uit hoor! Je hebt heel veel cultuur genoten!