zondag 25 mei 2008


Last week, our little girl turned 6! Where is that little baby? In September, she's also going to primary school and she will be learning to read and count. Time sure flies by, before we know it, we will have teenagers in our house, all the more reason to try to enjoy all those little moments. Here is the birthday girl, with the crown that her teacher made her in school:

At her birthday party, we had 13 children of her class coming over. To make our lifes a little bit easier, we had a storyteller coming over. She told them the story of little witch Wijsneus and the magical stones. She told how stones can help you and at the end the children each got to pick their own stone. A huge success! More information can be found at www.heksjewijsneus.com (in dutch). Here you can see Witch Wijsneus in front of the chest of stones:

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