zondag 30 december 2007

Books I am reading

Recently I bought two great Dutch craft books. The first is the book 'Knutselen: creatief plezier met kinderen' ('Crafting: creative fun with kids') written by Catherine Woram. This is really the best book for crafting with kids that I've seen so far.

Here are some pages from the book, crafting with felt:

And making paper lanterns:

I'm sure that we will make lots more projects out of this book!

The second book is a book for making bags: 'Tassen met klasse' ('Classy bags'). It includes 22 patterns and all the bags look really amazing. I am just a beginner at sewing, so I am not sure I will be able to make these, but I just couldn't resist buying the book.

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dottycookie zei

I love that bag with the hearts. Hmmmm. Wonder if I could work out something similar ...