woensdag 6 juni 2007

Gardening with kids

Recently I bought a book about gardening with kids. It is full of wonderful projects and I immediately went to the garden centre to buy some stuff I needed for the two projects I wanted to try.

The first one is a desert bowl with succulents. You take a big round bowl, fill it with sand and then put some small succulents in. Then you cover the sand with some coloured sand, I chose lilac. Finally, you put in some stones and you're done! It doesn't need a lot of attention as long as it is warm and sunny and you put it inside in case of cold weather.

The second project is a little pebble pond to put on your terrace. You will need a flexible garden trug. Fill it with pebbles and then put some waterplants in (like Mentha aquatica, Lythrum salicaria, Caltha palustris,... ). Add water, put some more stones around the plants and your pond is done! It's as simple as that! Make sure that there always is enough water in the trug, especially when it's hot.

The book has a lot more interesting and fun projects. How do these sound to you? A mini lettuce garden, hanging vegetable garden, butterfly bowl, bird mobile, willow hiding place,... it's almost impossible to chose which one is going to be my next project!

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