woensdag 13 juni 2007

Corners of my home

I read a lot of blogs and what I always like is when people are showing corners of their home. You feel you then become a little bit part of their daily life. Therefore, I also wanted to show you a corner of my home.

This picture shows a wall in our dining room. Above the wardrobe, you can see the famous angels painting of Léonardo Da Vinci. It always makes me a little bit melancholic. In the basket, you can see a birthday gift. It is for a friend of my daughter Emma, because this afternoon, she's invited to go to a birthday party. She is a real party animal, because she gets invited to a lot of parties. Her brother always is a bit jealous, because he doesn't get to go to that much parties. So this afternoon I get to spend with my son, hopefully I can find some time to craft a bit.

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